The contrast between the world around me and in me;
My thoughts, feelings, dreams and memories are the base of my inspiration.
I make decisions based on those and discrepancies arise.
The things that happen in my head are volatile and object to change.
So my life always differs from what I’ve made up in my mind.

As other people, I treasure photographs as a memory.
Besides that I try to use them as an expression for rather the emotion than what’s really there.
Nowadays with all the benefits of digital imaging it’s possible to make exactly what you want.
For me that’s a downside , I can’t do that in real life.

I started to develop some varieties of emulsion lifts with which I lose complete control over how it will behave as I merge it with my canvas.
I have to be quick just as with some of my decisions in life and when I hesitate it will crumble and fall apart.